Even with Premium, Start Dates aren't reading as Dates

I’m on my Premium team, and imported a project with the proper formatting, but the “start date” column doesn’t read as dates when you tab over to calendar or waterfall view.

It looks as if I have to go in and manually change the “Due date” to a “date range” in Asana, and completely disregard the “start date” column that pops up as a “text” field (if you put in properly formatted dates) or a “drop down field” (if you put in improperly formatted dates or a date range.) Even if you put a date range in for due date in CSV, asana will read that info as a text field or a as a drop down, and not a date.

Please help or fix.

Hi @MJ_Jean, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! If you have a Premium Plan and you add start dates to your CSV these should be also added as start dates in your tasks. I recommend you checking that you are working on the Organization/Workspace that you have a Premium Plan, you can check this by clicking your profile picture and switching between your spaces. Please note the Premium Plan is linked to a specific Workspace/Organization and not to all spaces you create in your account.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Okay… taking a breath here, but after following all instructions to a ‘T’, this is still not working on my end (Premium subscription). I’m SO frustrated as i have now burned more personal hours (days) on this that Asana is nearly no longer worth sticking with. This is SUCH a basic and important thing that importing dates (eg from an existing MPP file exported to CSV and properly mapped to my custom fields in Asana) should be foolproof and work seamlessly without the need for any special tweaking, etc. There is very little Asana instruction on how to do this and what is currently available is minimalist, including minimalist YouTube tutorials. I recommend very detailed written instruction (with step-by-step graphics) as well as an updated detailed YouTube tutorial.


I just gave this a quick try after reading the Guide and get a new custom field Start date created. I don’t see how to achieve a date range so either it’s not clear how to do it or there’s a bug. Can you give more info @Emily_Roman or an example csv that works?



Hi @lpb, sorry for the delay here! I just tested and it’s working for me, I’m not able to attach a csv file here but you can follow this example:

I hope this helps!

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@Emily_Roman and @scott14,

Yes, I tried just now, using the exact same import.csv file, and it works today, but it did not work for me 3 days ago as I reported, confirming @scott14’s report around the same time. It seems that there was a bug then (perhaps there’s still an intermittent problem).