Enable Middle Mouse Button Click on Tasks to open in New Tab

Could you please add a function to be able to directly open the Task you’re hovering over in a new Tab via Middle Mouse button click?

Currently if you right click anywhere on the task it shows you the menu, with an option to open task in new tab, which is nice, but middle click is more convenient and direct for me (and probably many other users as well)

Would be nice to have this added for middle clicking anywhere on the task.

This should be made to work in any view: list, board and calendar, as the right click function/menu is also the same everywhere.

Edit: oh and I just noticed “open in new tab” via right click menu always opens the tab in foreground.

Not sure how many agree with me or if that’s a standard function anyway: I’d prefer it to open those tabs/tasks in background, like it usually does with any other homepage where I middle click on links.

Hi @Michelle_Schubert , can you clarify a bit on the end result you are seeking for middle-clicking on tasks? Would you want it to open the task detail pane on the right or to open the task in full screen like tab+X?

I totally agree! I think it would be really convenient to be able to open a task directly in a new tab by middle-clicking it. It would be great if this feature could be added to the list, board, and calendar views, since the right-click menu is already the same across those views. Thanks for bringing this up - I hope the developers take this into consideration!

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Hi Richard, sorry for the late reply. I was busy at that time and then lost track of this thread, since I’m not too active here.

Personally, by right clicking I’d want it to open in a new Tab in detail pane.
Like a copy of the current page but with the task open.
(Recreateable by: clicking on task (detail pane), copy link, new tab, paste link, enter)

It should always work, even without having to left click/select a task first.

Not sure if there are people who’d like to open the task in the standalone view like Tab+X.
I find detail pane more convenient - to still be able to see the page and other tasks from the window I was currently in (e. G. a project, or “my tasks”) - I never use Tab+X
Some users may disagree, so a switch in settings for what to open when middle clicking a task might be an option.

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Hi @Michelle_Schubert , I agree this would be useful but not sure if the Asana team will ever implement this since the middle mouse button seems to be reserved for click+scroll, which is especially useful in Board view when you need to scroll sideways.

Until this is ever implemented, best to use your browser’s keyboard shortcut for duplicating the tab (such as Ctrl + Shift + K in Edge) or right click on the tab and click ‘Duplicate’. :person_shrugging:

Additionally, there is also an Asana keyboard shortcut (which I think was recently implemented) to open the task details of a selected task by using Tab + Enter keys.

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@Richard_Sather, Helpful answers, as usual, but one clarification:

That’s been around quite a while. I use it all the time like this:


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Hi all, you may find this helpful:

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