Center Window Task Details

I have noticed that when you open a task in certain places, the details pop up in a center window. One of the cases is when you open tasks from the home tab like in the picture attached.

Is there a way to set things up so that tasks always open up like this? I really like seeing the tasks in the middle of the screen like this, I think it makes it easier to focus.


Hello @Esteban_Giannini :wave:

This is a nice idea! Maybe you already know… but for now you can click on the Full Screen button or simpler type Tab+X and you’ll be able to see only the task on your screen.

Hope that was helpful :blush:


Thank you @Elina_P. I use that feature but it always requires an additional step.

It would be so nice to have the option to open it in that smaller window in the center. I also makes it easier to exit the task by just clicking outside the window.


Hi @Esteban_Giannini

I think this would be one of those suggestions that 50% love and 50% do not want to see!
I personally prefer the side view in a project as it shows the rest of the tasks and I can reference them if needed without having to go back and forth.

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Hi @Danielle-GenD

You are right, that is what I think it could be made an option by project so that it won’t bother those who don’t like it.

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