Enable a default project and / or workspace to be configured for the Asana browser extension

I’m not sure how the current defaults are chosen, but for me personally, I don’t get the workspace that I want to be the default, and I can’t seem to figure out how to change the default. (The default project is always blank)… I am more concerned about being able to configure the default workspace, but being able to configure both of these in an extension options page would be useful.

If you read the recent reviews on the chromestore for your extension, you will see others are asking for this too.

I discovered this similar topic, and it made me realize that being able to configure defaults would also be useful for the people using the asana extension through the context menu rather than the keyboard shortcut. (Which is how I use it)

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So, prior to today. I was able to right click> Add to Tasks > and the Asana extension would create a task in my Workspace, but now it is sending them to a different workspace and I cannot get it to send to the correct one no matter what I try.

I removed the extension and re-added it. Cleared all the browser caches I could and restarted chrome. But nothing seems to work. I can add Tasks via clicking the extension. But that always defaults to the wrong workspace. Even if that was not the last workspace I was working in most recently. I even tried creating a task by manually changing the workspace in the create a task menu of the chrome extension.
But even after this I was unable to Right Click> Create Task and have it create a task in the correct Workspace.

Please let me know if I can provide anymore details.

Byrne, Patrick

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Hi @Robert_Best, you are right, at this time is it’s not possible to set a default space for the Chrome Extension, hopefully, this is something that we can build in the future! I’ll keep you updated as soon as I have an update. :slight_smile:

Hey @Patrick_Byrne, so sorry for the delay. Are you still experiencing this issue? If you are, can you please check if clicking your profile picture at the top-right corner you can choose a different space?

I’ve attached a screenshot for reference:

Please keep me posted on your progress!

I think that Chrome extension sends new task to that space which is set as receiving mail notifications. If You set “workspace” to receive emails/tasks in my profile settings–>email forwarding then adding takss via extension would create it there.

Suddenly this week or last the extension started defaulting to “My workspace,” instead of our company organization, which is super unhelpful.

I can change to our organization, but I have to do it every time I click the extension to create a new task.