As a user I'd like the ability to select my default workspace

Problem definition

When I login for the first time, or in an incognito tab or in a mobile app, it will open the “default” workspace. Currently we have to contact support to change the default option.

Suggested solution

Add ability to the user to select the default workspace.

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+1 Any time I log out…or don’t log in for a while…Asana defaults to a workspace that is currently not in use for me. I don’t want to delete it, but I’d rather it default to a workspace that is my main focus right now. I can’t find a way to do that.


I too would like to set a default worksapce

I’d be happy with Asana just starting in the workspace that I was in during my last time logged in.

Hi @Jeff_Issenberg; this is exactly how Asana works at the moment! You should automatically land onto the last space you visited, unless your cache and cookies were cleared in the meantime!

I’d like to add that when going to when already logged in to asana, it always takes me to first workspace I created, even though I never visit it. So if I could be redirected to the last workspace I visited, that would be a huge help!

A default workspace to be redirected to would also be great, perhaps even better…

Hi @Joel_Divine and thanks for reaching out! Our support team should be able to help you set a different Workspace as your default Workspace. You can reach out to them following these steps. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with!

Every user contacting the support team every time we want to change our default workspace is highly time consuming both for the support team and us…

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For some reason it doesn’t work for me! Halp!

Hi @Ash_Klein :wave:t3: I’d recommend reaching out to our support team who might be able to fix that for you in the back end!

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+1 from me as well. My browser always cleans my cache & cookies, so I always end up in a workspace I only keep as an archive, instead of my Organization workspace I work on in a daily basis. It doesn’t make sense to me (nor to my colleagues, who experience the same). If I could set my default workspace, that would be so much easier :slight_smile:

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My browser deletes cookies and cache automatically so I too get annoyed when having to switch every time to another workspace.

I solved it by bookmarking my desired workspace. After clicking on that link and logging in, I am redirected to the proper workspace.

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Please allow us to set a default workspace. It seems like such a simple preference to add!

When I log in to Asana in a browser it does not take me to my last used workspace, it always takes me to an empty workspace, it’s mildly but consistently frustrating. It defaults to taking me to another workspace I created, and I want to keep that one, but it’s not the one I’m currently using on a daily basis.

I contacted Asana support based on the advice here, and they didn’t really understand what I was asking for, even after showing them this page.

Asana support was able to get the default workspace set for me. Here’s what they said, for anyone else dealing with this problem:

While Asana users don’t have a default Workspace or Organization per se, as Asana will simply open to the last space you have opened or when logging into Asana from a new device or location, open to the first space listed on your list of spaces.

With that said, I have gone ahead and reordered your list of spaces to have your “[redacted]” Workspace be listed as the first space and this should now be your “default” space.