How do we change which organization/workspace to enter upon logging on?

Hello. I have multiple organizations & workspaces on my Asana as I work with different clients as a consultant. When my priority shifts from one project (workplace/organization) to the other, it’s getting annoying to be on a old workspace (which we cannot close, though) first, and then click my icon to switch the workspace. Does anyone know how to change default workspace on Asana by any chance?

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Hi @Yosuke_Izumi

It normally will default to the last organisation you where in. To get it to default to a main one contact support and I believe they can assist.


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Welcome to the Forum @Yosuke_Izumi and thank you for reaching out!

As @Jason_Woods explained, the last space you were working on should be opened by default but if this is not your case, our Support Team should be able to manually set this for you. To contact Support you just need to follow these steps: How do I contact support

Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with! Have a great week!

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Thank you, @Jason_Woods and @Natalia. It seems like my case is different as Natalia said. I worked on a different workspace and close from that workspace. But, when I log in, Asana starts from older workspace. I will reach out to the Support team.