Unable to select an Organisation on the Chrome extension

While I am able to add a task to a default organisation from the Chrome extension, I am unable to change the organisation. Please help.


Hi @Kavitha_Vinod, Marie here from Asana. When you click on your Chrome extension, can you see a drop-down menu beside “Add to” as shown in this screenshot?

Hi, i can see how to change the organisation for each add, but how can you change the default - my default is for an external organisation and its laborious to ave to keep choosing. Also Right Click “Add to Asana” doesn’t give option to change either

Hi @Jenny_Crowder,

I think the Organisation picked by the add-on is the one set by default for your account in our backend. I would recommend reaching out to our support team and ask them to set your main Organisation as the default one in our system, this should also fix it in the Gmail add-on (please note that you may need to re-install the add-on for the change to be effective there too!).

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks Marie, your colleague in support has kindly set my default organisation - however the extension still defaults to an external organisation, as do the right click “add to tasks” (which doesn’t give an option to change). Oh well, will stick to adding manually or by email (which i also love).

Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall the extension @Jenny_Crowder? Just in case, here is an article showing you how you can uninstall the Asana Chrome extension: Install and manage extensions - Chrome Web Store Help

Hope this helps!

Hi Marie, I tried that but no success. My organisation appears at the top of the list but right click “Add to My Tasks” doesn’t let me choose where to add task, only goes to the other organisation, and the default for the toolbar button to choose organisation is still another organisation. Thanks anyway.