Unable to change default project of my Asana for Chrome extension navigates to same project



So, prior to today. I was able to right click> Add to Tasks > and the Asana extension would create a task in my Workspace, but now it is sending them to a different workspace and I cannot get it to send to the correct one no matter what I try.

I removed the extension and re-added it. Cleared all the browser caches I could and restarted chrome. But nothing seems to work. I can add Tasks via clicking the extension. But that always defaults to the wrong workspace. Even if that was not the last workspace I was working in most recently. I even tried creating a task by manually changing the workspace in the create a task menu of the chrome extension.
But even after this I was unable to Right Click> Create Task and have it create a task in the correct Workspace.

Please let me know if I can provide anymore details.

Byrne, Patrick