Email forwarding from Outlook is not working anymore

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: I used to be able to forward an email from my Outlook and it would create a task in Asana automatically. This has stopped working for me and I’m getting the following bounceback message when I try:

From: Asana <>
Sent: May 29, 2020 4:57 PM
To: Kimme
Subject: We couldn’t process your email.

We couldn’t process your email because it was sent from a server that is not authorized to send emails for Please contact your email admin to update your domain’s email settings.

I have checked with my IT company and nothing has changed with my email settings. He said since it used to work and he hasn’t changed anything that it must be a change on the Asana end.

Browser version: Google Chrome

Hi @Kimme_Lafayette, thanks for your report!

If you are having trouble auto-forwarding emails to Asana using Outlook, here are some things you can check to make sure everything is working correctly:

  1. Make sure the email address you are forwarding from is associated with an Asana account and an Asana Organization, and that the account is a Member of the right project. You can read more about how this works here in our Asana Guide.
  2. Make sure your Outlook rule is set to forward emails, not redirect them. You can read more about the difference between these here on Microsoft’s support site.
  3. If your Organization recently changed its email domain, you will need to add your new domain to your Organization in Asana in order to forward emails from your new email address.

If you’ve tried all of the above and you’re still having trouble, please let us know and we can investigate further!

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Thanks Emily. In my case it is option 3 and I’ve changed my domain name. I’m reading the Asana help guide on how to update that and it says to go to my profile photo and then select Organization Settings from the drop down menu. When I look at that drop down, there is no option called Organization Settings on my screen. Where do I find that?

Hi @Kimme_Lafayette and sorry for the late follow-up here!

Our Support Team can assist you to update your Organization’s domain. Please make sure to provide them with the URL of this thread so you don’t have to explain everything again.

To contact our Support Team, simply follow these steps: How do I contact Support? .

Sorry for not being able to assist further you via Forum but our Support Team will be more than happy to help you with this. Have a nice day!