New email policy creates forward/task problems

I use forwarding from my email to ALL THE TIME. But with the new policy it no longer works. My email domain is company. com. But my Asana domain is And I cannot add my email to my account. Is there a workaround? This is kinda a disaster for my workflow.

@Deb_Gallagher - are you an admin of your organization? Admins can add domains to your organization that should (I think) bypass your issues.

Thank you. I tried that and gave the email to verify. However, no verification email arrived. I believe that is because has its own instance of Asana. So I can’t add it to my instance of Asana,

At the same time,’s email client has also tightened its security settings, so I can’t alter my from email. We tried!

One solution would be to switch over to be a division of, instead of our own organization. However, that would be break the Zapier connections we have built between Asana and other tools.