Due Time in List View

In the new spreadsheet-inspired list view it would be helpful to see the due time in addition to the date when that field is on for the project view.


Hi @Crystal_Alifanow,

The due time seems to display for me (see screenshot below), do you mind sharing what you’re seeing on your end so I can look into this?


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Oooh. No, times do not show for me. I’m running Windows and Chrome Version 78.0.3904.97

Interesting! Could you please share the URL of one of the tasks from your screenshot?

Once I’ve this, I’ll escalate a task to our Product Team and find out more :slight_smile:

Thanks Crystal!

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Thanks. Just sent you a PM.

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Thanks for the DM @Crystal_Alifanow, can I just ask you to verify if:

  1. This is also happening in another project?
  2. This si also happening when you log into your account from another browser?

Thanks again for your help with this, really appreciate it!

So, I tested it to check. It seems in another project, the due time appears only if the task is due tomorrow. For tasks due 1 or more days out, then the time does not appear. Here’s a look:

Hi there, @Crystal_Alifanow ! Anthony here, happy to jump in.

I’d like to inform that we only show times when the task is due today or tomorrow. Otherwise, we don’t display times unless you dig into the task pane, so, not necessarily ideal, but expected!

I am sorry if this causes any sort of inconvenience and thank you for bringing this up to our attention. This will be useful for other users in the Forum who are wondering the same!

Let us know if you have any thoughts or suggestions! Have a great day!

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Thank you for confirming.

I had originally created this thread in the Product Feedback thread so that this would be something people could vote on. It’d be great if it could be moved back.