Show Due Time in Task List

Not sure why task list doesn’t show a task’s Due Time but it would be hugely helpful if it did.

Thanks for starting this thread @Bill_Doerrfeld! You’re completely right, as it stands Due Time isn’t displayed in the project task list, but I can see how useful it would be!

Looks like it’s showing now. Recently implemented change? Thanks.

Were you referring to Project task list, or to the task details @Bill_Doerrfeld?

Any place were tasks are listed.

Hey @Bill_Doerrfeld, I am sorry for any hassle here and thank you for your great feedback.

Having looked into this for you I can confirm that the Due Time will only be visible on Tasks that are due either today or tomorrow. Any Tasks with a Due Date later than this will not display the Due Time until one day before the Tasks Due Date. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Thanks for the clarification. It would be preferable and more sensible to show the Due Time regardless of date.