Due dates entered into Forms revert to American formatting

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
We are using Asana in Australia. In a form, as you fill out a ‘Due Date’, the date is listed in the Australian region formatting which is DD/MM/YYYY. However, when the form is submitted and it appears in a project board, in the task description the date reverts to MM/DD/YYYY and it’s extremely confusing. We didn’t spot this at first and it lead to some incorrect dates.

It would also be best if the due date from the form would simply be populated in the Due Date field instead of the description.

Steps to reproduce:
Localise to a region that has DD/MM/YYYY, create a form with a due date. Select it from your browser and note that it appears as DD/MM/YYYY once the date is clicked from the calendar. Navigate to the project linked to the form. View the entry. It will appear as MM/DD/YYYY in the description.

Browser version:
Google Chrome Version 81.0.4044.113 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Mac OSx

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Jam_Nawaz :wave:t5: Thank you for reaching out!

Apologies for the inconvenience here. As it stands, the date and time format are based on the browser preferences which reads your system settings. Can you please double check your browser settings and language and let me know if that resolves this issue?

Thank you Jam! Looking forward to your reply!

Thank you Natalia, I have confirmed that some of our users are set correctly, but some are not. We are trying to make the rectify this issue but obviously, some are going to slip through the cracks.

Is there a future feature to enable this as a global setting in Asana? Or perhaps to make the forms populate the “Due Date” field instead of writing the date as text in the description? I feel like this would solve the issue.

Thank you,


Hi there,

Just an update on this issue. We’re in a large organisation and we’ve had several users do the fix you suggest: change their browser settings. However, due to the corporate environment, we’ve had a number of users have their browsers revert to a default setting, back to US.

The issue is that we’re really getting random date formats across the board. Obviously, at the end of the month this is easy to distinguish, but this causes us real issues when dates are simply “06/07/20” as there’s no real way to know:

a) is the user using the wrong browser settings?
b) is the user using the correct browser settings?
c) has the user corrected their browser settings, and has this just reverted?

Looking forward to your response.


Just following up on this issue. This is becoming a real problem with forms as it’s completely dependent on the user’s browser settings and not our system.

If changing a user’s settings is not a workable solution, how do we move forward?

I’d like to add my voice to this topic… basing off browser language settings isn’t ideal and is always going to cause problems in English speaking countries. So many users default to US (MM/DD/YY) over GB like in Australia (DD/MM/YY).

This will always lead to inconsistencies with form data that makes Asana forms very difficult to use for gathering form information.

I use chrome, and I can confirm that I have Australia as default language and default spellcheck, yet Asana is using American dates.
Soo frustrating that a simple thing like this cannot be controlled within Asana…