Ability to manually adjust Date Format in Asana Settings

Currently, Asana has only American date format: MM/DD/YYYY. Sometimes It introduces so much confusion in multinational teams. The option to select MM/DD/YYYY and the other international formats for the teams would be great.

Same goes for Sunday being the first day of the week. You Americans are weird :sweat_smile:


@Tunc_Uzcan, time format is based on the region the browser is in, which is based on the OS settings. Double check those settings and let us know if that resolves the date format question!


True, works for me with a French computer!

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Hello. That’s not comfort. I prefer English language in browser, but I definitely don’t want to use American date format. Please, make setting for this! Especially for Due Dates, I hate AM/PM and want to use 24 hours format as it is absolute clear.

Thank you, Alexander.


Hi. I have found this is not happening with the new Start date feature. dates are reverting back to MM/DD. My computer region is set as Australia


Asana date and time are always American… So how to change that?

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Thank you Sara, I think there have been some changes and it’s Ok now.

That does not resolve it. On OSX I’m set for rest-of-the-world settings i.e. 31/1/2018 but in Asana for example in the Date setting calendar it wants them in the US’s format.

Also … please dont assume that people’s date (or language) preferences match their location. As I move from US to Europe and back, I don’t want the date to change, and there are many people who work out of locations that aren’t their “home” country. (For exactly the same reason that I don’t want the weather sites to switch me to Fahrenheit when I request temperature from a location in the US, or switch which version of english spelling I want and so on). Its fine to default the wrong way, but only IF AND ONLY IF you let us change it.


I wasn’t sure if this was fixed, but for me, it isn’t. I’m on OSX, and I changed my system settings to Ireland, but the date in Asana is still in US format.

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Not resolving it for me. I have Greek Locale, Greek display language, and US / GR keyboard. Chrome display language is English (US English I think).

I might have had also Windows on US English too, I don’t want to translate strings back and forth when I am searching for anything on the internet (related to programs).

YES PLEASE! I loathe the American date format. It’s so illogical and only causes confusion.

any solution for this?!
I want dd/mm/yyyy

The only standard date format is YYYY-MM-DD (ISO 8601). All other formats are accidents of history, or personal preferences. DD/MM/YYYY causes confusion with North Americans (350 million people), and with the Chinese (who, by virtual of using ISO 8601, are used to seeing MM-DD, in the same order as it is viewed by North Americans). So instead of foisting nonstandard date formats on top of other nonstandard date format (which can ONLY cause more confusion), how about Asana first implements the only international date format (ISO 8601)?

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So can you change the date or not? I’ve changed my browser setting and that doesn’t work! Thanks

Hi @Francesca_Monaco, and apologies for teh delay in responding to you. Can you also update your computer’s timezone and make sure it matches the one you have set for your browser?

Hi Marie, my computer is set to UK time. Not sure why it’s not working.

Is your language set to English UK too?