Date format in Asana is different from the system setting

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The date format is different from the system setting which leads regularly to confusion for dates before the 13th of a month e.g. 04/08/2023 means August 4, 2024 for us in Europe, while in Asana it means April 8, 2023. I tried to fix the issue manually and failed.

Browser version: Microsoft Edge Version 114.0.1823.79 (Official build) (64-bit)

What version of Asana are you using (Basic/Premium/Business/Enterprise)? Enterprise

Hi @Thomas_Roos , I have a few questions which would help diagnose your problem.

In which area/surface of Asana are you seeing these dates in US format?

Is this in the desktop app or browser?

What did you try manually and failed?

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Hi @Richard_Sather , we have to use the browser version because the app does not allow us using our SSO. I tried to change the format in the system settings and the browser settings.

Understood but you still haven’t answered my first question. Where are you seeing US dates? :sweat_smile:

Hi there @Thomas_Roos , thanks for your post! Happy to clarify further :slight_smile:

Our date formatting in Asana is actually determined by your computer’s region setting. If your laptop or computer is configured for regions in a country that uses day/month/year, then your Asana instance will also appear as day/month/year, for example.

While it’s not possible to manually set the the display date format in Asana, it shows based on the language, and region sections of the browser and operating system the user accessing Asana from. Please note that If you’re using a VPN or other software that may interfere with how this is detected by Asana, the format may not change reliably.

There is a thread on our forum where other users have provided some tips on making changes to their browser or operating system that helped their different configurations that may be useful to read through.

Hope you find this information helpful :slight_smile:


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