Due date approaching rules: 3 days or less (e.g.)

I tried searching the forum but didn’t see this suggestion anywhere, so if it already exists I hope someone can point me at it!

I had a user ask why tasks weren’t being moved to Do Today based on her rule, & it was because she created the task 2 days before it was due. It would be nice to have the option for “Due date is approaching: 3 days or less.”

I know this could get weird if I have a rule to do move tasks based on different date ranges (e.g., I have one rule for 1 week out, to move tasks to Do This Week, and another for 3 days out for Do Today) so it would need the ability to also do “Due date is between 4 and 7 days away.”

(In the meantime, I’ve told her she can create additional rules for 2 days away and 1 day away.)

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Hi @Brian_Fewell,

Thanks for pointing out that other thread; I’ve merged this one into that one.