Greater or lower than in My tasks rules

There is no way to move newly assigned tasks that are due in more than a week to the later section. The addition of a greater than or lower than could greatly improve the rules in My Tasks.

Also it it counter intuitive to set a rule that include all the due date to be move to the upcoming section. To do that, I add to set a rule using OR for less than a week, due in 6 days, due in 5 days, due in 4 days, due in 3 days, due in 2 days or due in 1 day to reproduce the older auto promote in the upcoming section.

Also having a trigger that could use the start date could be really useful.

Is there any plan to develop this?

Hi @Francois_Pare, thanks for providing this feedback!

Could you please elaborate on “there is no way to move newly assigned tasks that are due in more than a week to the later section”? With the new My Tasks page, you can create custom Rules to have a task move to a specific sections if it falls more than a number of days/week out.

Regarding Start Dates, we do have an existing thread for this request in the forum. You can add your vote here: Offer (for Premium and above) a new rule "Start/Due date is approaching . . ." to trigger based on the earlier of Start date or Due date :slight_smile:

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The only triggers I see in the My Tasks rules are Due date is approaching or Task is overdue, nothing for task with a due date over x days or weeks.

Thanks for following up, @Francois_Pare! If you select “Due date is approaching” you will be given the option to input a timeframe. For example, “Due date is approaching in 4 days” or “Due date is approaching in 1 month”. When the due date falls one month out, if using the latter trigger, then the Rule will trigger :slight_smile:

I hope this provides some clarity! :slight_smile:

I will try to set a rules for Due date is approaching in 4 weeks and wet 3 test tasks that are due in 4 weeks plus or minus one day to see which one os moving to the Later section.

I have done a few test to see what the rules were really doing. So the rule says the Due date is approaching 4 weeks, the rule will take effect only for any task due in exactly 4 weeks. The other test tasks I have set that were due in 3 weeks and 6 days and 4 weeks and one day, these were not move by the rule.

This is causing some problems as there is no way to send news tasks to the Later section without creating a huge rule with all the number of days in it. The same applies to the late rule, it only affect the task that are late by the number of days mentioned in the rule, if not they are not move.

And if any task appears in between those rules they will not move at all specially if they are lower than the rule. If assign me to a task that is 3 weeks and my rule id set to 4 weeks than it will stay there forever.

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If it’s an option for you, you might want to check out our Flowsana integration. Flowsana’s date-based rules are not exact; in your above example, a Flowsana rule with a trigger of 4 weeks will fire with a task dated 3 weeks out (assuming there is no other rule between 4 and 3 weeks to supersede it, of course).

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