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I’m trying to create a rule so that when I add a due date to a task, it creates a subtask with a deadline that is 3 days BEFORE the due date of the parent task. It seems like it’s possible to create a subtask with a due date after the parent task’s due date but not before. Am I mistaken? Is it possible to get a due date before the parent task’s deadline? Thank you in advance for your response.

Hi @Patrick22
You are right, currently you cannot set rules with (-) days to the rule.
It depends what you want to achieve with this workflow.

One workaround I can think of, is to give that due task same due date as parent task, create a rule for your My Task that any task with added with this project, to go to a section called, “Urgent - Change Due Date” or something like that… not ideal, but hope this helps.


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Hey @Patrick22 here is an existing feedback request regarding this topic: Create a rule for a subtask to be due a certain number of days BEFORE the parent task's due date

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Thanks @Andrea_Mayer I upvoted as well.

Hi @Patrick22,

FYI note that this capability is available in the “Add subtasks” rule action of our Flowsana integration.

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