Download attachments without opening browser window

When I download an attachment in Asana 1.10.1 for Mac, it opens a new browser tab before downloading. This should just download the file directly into my Downloads folder without browser intervention.


My guess is that the Mac app is actually a web app wrapped into a native app, explaining why it opens a browser window :man_shrugging: @Phil_Seeman what do you think?

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I’m guessing so too. Microsoft Teams is also a wrapped web app and it downloads directly (no browser window), so I think it should be technically possible.

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Is it with PDF files only? I was having the same problem in the web app. Images would download but PDFs would open. I was able to resolve this by toggling the PDF handling settings in my browser. I’m using Brave which is built on Chrome.

no this is not the case as for me it is opening Safari… and you cannot set it like in Chrome

so Asana has bug :frowning: and it is triggering opening in browser == MEGA annoying

how we can ask Asana DEV team to jump on it and fix this SUPER bad UX behaviour?

upvote to fix this, I have to be logged into 2 different Asanas, one browser and one app for 2 clients and when I have to download from the app, I have to logout and login to the browser Asana, super annoying