We cannot download files anymore

When we click on any file/picture, the file is opened (in the same window) rather than being downloaded as usual. This is happening across all of our users so it is not a browser cache/cookies issue. Playing with the download/save as location within the browser (Chrome in this case) does not make any difference for Asana files (it does for the rest of the web applications).
Anybody else having this issue?

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Is that happening for all attachment formats or just specific ones?

I have tested and I am not able to reproduce it on my end so I recommend reaching out to Asana Support.

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Try to use the latest Chrome app to download files…

It is happening in my office as well. We all cannot download files directly anymore. We now have to save them and rename them. Is there a way to fix this?

Hi, I just checked and it is now working fine for all of our users. Thanks!

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All attachments, but it is working fine today :slight_smile:

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Great to hear @amiel

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