Do I need to back up?

I am reasonably new to asana and increasingly love it. But, the more information I put in the more I am concerned about how lost we would be if someone accidentally (or maliciously on purpose) deleted a project.

Can anyone tell me whether our data is back up by asana? Is it possible to restore to a previous date/bavk up? Or whether I should be trying to back up in another way… and if so how!!!


Hi @Louisa_Trunks, welcome to the Community Forum!

The “Deleted Items” view allows the person whom created or deleted the task, subtask, or Conversation to restore it within 30 days.

If a project is deleted, all Project Members will receive an email notification of the deletion and the person who deleted it will receive a link to undelete it, if they so choose within 7 days.

I also recommend you to check more information shared by our community members in these threads:

I hope this helps!

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You are right to question the security of data against unintended or unwanted deletion or other loss. This has been a major topic here in the forum for years: Prevent Users from Deleting Tasks - #72 by Aaron_Paul It is currently unaddressed.

There are workarounds, but none fully ensures data integrity.

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@Emily_Roman, Unless something has changed, deleted tasks and conversations can only be restored within 30 days, and projects within a week. If true, perhaps edit your reply for the benefits of others searching since this is critical info that others may be relying on. cc @Louisa_Trunks



I updated my comment! Thanks @lpb!