Displaying employees calendar on mine and organising?

Hi everyone.

I’m using Asana Sales pipeline to organise our projects. From enquiry, quoting, in progress, complete etc.

How can i make tasks assigned to employees display on my google calendar?

Currently i can only see projects and jobs assigned to myself on my calendar and i want it to give me a clear over view of my employees so i can see who is where.

Hey @Max_Middleton,

if all the tasks in your sales pipeline are under one team you can use the team calendar in Asana for example: How to Create, Join, and Manage teams in Asana | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

Now if there are various projects not in one team you can create an overview project and set up rules to multihome all tasks into that so you can use the calendar view in this project then to see all tasks.

Calendar view in portfolio would be nice too, here is the relevant feedback request thread.

Now for Google Calendar if all your colleagues have their Asana tasks showing on Google Calendar as well then you can sign up to their calendar following these steps.

Does that help?

Thanks Andrea. Ill check this out ASAP.

Does this then push that calendar to my Google Calendar?

Thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:

Have a look at the Google Calendar Integration Google Calendar + Asana • Asana
Now there is no real sync feature yet therefore many use other tools such as zzBots etc as outlined here.

I am not sure if you really want all to show on Google calendar? I’d consider checking the calendar in Asana directly to be honest because then it is also super easy to check more info on a task if needed.