Asana/Google Calendar Integration

I’m new to Asana, and my first task is to sync it to Google Calendar. I started a topic a while back, but it was ended (why?).

I’ve tried the Asana direct connection, zzBots, and Project Buddy. I considered Zapier and some other high-end integrations, but they were too much for me. I do not need collaboration, and my project management needs are pretty light.

The direct connection is not 2-way, but zzBots and Project Buddy are bidirectional. The direct connection is simple, but when I complete a task or project in Asana, I have to do the same in Google Calendar.

I tried the Asana premium 2-way sync with Google Calendar using zzBots. I like the easy setup, and the free plan is not too bad if you do not do a lot of synching.

However, if you delete or complete an Asana task, Google Calendar has no corresponding action. Also, when you add a Google Calendar event, it is synched over to Asana without an assignee. This is a problem if you use the Asana My Tasks since a task does not appear unless assigned to you. I had to search for the new task and assign it to me for it to show up in My Tasks.

Overall, I like ProjectBuddy better. It also has automatic 2-way synch that is almost instantaneous (vs. ten min. syncs for zzBots) and has delete/complete synchronization. However, you must pay extra ($12.50/mo for a five-user minimum) to get the tasks and event times to synch.

Since I do not need collaboration right now and my project management needs are low, I will use Asana to manage my large projects and Google Calendar for everything else. I will use the Asana direct synch to put Asana tasks in my Google Calendar and then time-block those tasks in Google Calendar.

I looked around the integration forum and read the following:

Real time, two ways Calendar integration from @bob_christensen

The Asana automation bible: all the triggers and actions from Asana, Zapier, Flowsana, Integromat & Automate @Bastien_Siebman

Does anyone out there have suggestions?


PS–Just an observation: Some of these conversations have been going on for a long time. My first impression is that Asana will not invest much into integrations.


It remains a mystery to me, because those use cases seem to be quite common.


From 2013 to 2016 exist Sunrise Calendar for iOS to sync google calendar with Asana for free.

Now in 2022 we don’t have a good solution for a two way sync between GCal and Asana.


Ive bought this service which syncronizes both ways between asana and google calendar. really recommend it.

Maybe Asana could buy that company and integrate it ;D just a thought

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Thank you! I’ll look into it :smiley:

Thanks. I looked into it, but I’m not looking to pay for anything since my current needs are low.

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It looks like everyone in this string has kicked the tires on all synch issues, so I’m hoping some of you can help me: I read in another string that Asana automatically resynchs with Google Calendar twice a day. However, dates I changed yesterday morning in Asana are still not updated in my GCal. I used Project Buddy to connect Asana and Google Calendar, logged out and back into both services, and still no change. Am I missing a step? Anything else I can try?