How to Merge Google Calendar with Asana

How to Merge Google Calendar with Asana

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Is this what you are looking for: Google Calendar and Asana Integration • Asana ?

And maybe this is interesting for you:

Or How do I add a Google Calendar to my Asana Calendar? - #2 by Leonarce

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Hi @Ismaeel_Dhul-Qarnayn

To complete @Andrea_Mayer 's answer, you may also be interested in the Asana integration with Clockwise.
It will allow you to add task on your Google agenda so that it blocks slots in you agenda.

You could also use Zapier to create task from a Google Agenda event. For example, someone invites you to a meeting and you automatically have a task created in Asana with the name of the meeting.

Hope that helps

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I’ve been trying to connect Clockwise for hours as its exactly what I wanted, but no joy at all :frowning: Flatly refuse to accept me saying Clockwise can’t connect

I discovered Clockwise works only with professional Google account, maybe that’s why you can’t connect.