Display Task ID on Asana Board


Is there a way to show the task ID on the Asana Board? I really need to have Task ID.


Hello! The task ID is available in the last batch of numbers in the html of the task. This is how a task URL breaks down:

Task with unique identifier
Master Key Record for CRM


Thanks for the info so this means that there is no way to see the task id if I’m using the app?



That’s correct - you wouldn’t be able to see the ID in a mobile app. You’d have to refer to your browser on your desktop.


I hope you can make improvements in the future to add thismoption.


This would be very useful when referencing task cards in conversations and outside of Asana and helps reduce confusion.


Not very practical and very large ID, for example, I have my project design and my task id, they get huge number in the url …



A valid concern. Nonetheless we hope you’ll be able to find the task ID useful at this time!


I am not a developer (hired one) but I would guess that the task I.D. has to be long almost by definition. So I think the real solution will be when custom fields can contain hyperlinks, maybe like the boards hyperlinks where you can have an optional title. Then using custom fields you can use the task I.D. anyway you choose.


The task ID’s in Asana should start with 1 and be incremental for your workspace. It would be much better if the URL was /workspace/ID (e.g.1).

Using the current task ID’s, I cannot discuss the ticket with my colleague using the task ID. I am not going to say “Hey Andrew, have you had a look at task 10293999303933?”.

We would also like to share task ID’s with our customers, so they can have a reference for the tasks, but the current task ID’s are too long for the customer to visualise and remember.

Please change task ID’s!


see Short task link with ID


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Many other task managers allow for Job numbers, and let the user control the setup of these numbers. I’ve used job numbers to track projects for over 15 years. Not a long task ID. This seems like a no brained for project management to refer to a project a job number than name. And not 25-30 character URL, that’s software management not project management. SmartSheets, Trello and even Microsoft project allow it. Overall I prefer the Asana interface, but this should be added. We’re are starting to name jobs manually with job numbers. Just set a field in a new task where we can set a parameter that could add a set of numbers, of the users design, that will auto populate, and increase the number by 1 digit each time a new task is created. That way we don’t have to use a URL chain that is ridiculously long and not a very handy user interface. This would definitely increase the usefulness of your software.


This is also an important feature to use in commit messages.

I prefer just using the asana task # so we can have a proper reference to task


I too would find this tremendously helpful.


Is there any progress on this?

For me and for a lot developers is super useful to reference my branches and commit messages with something like PRJ-123


Please add this feature!

This is a very important feature for our development team. We like to reference ticket IDs in our branches and commit messages.


Totally Agree. An auto-generated task ID displayed on the cards would really be helpful.


any updates on this? this really is a deal breaker for any serious projects, specially software development ones.

I saw your reference to InstaCart in regards to using Asana for sprint management and was/am hoping to try it out, however, this is a hard sell without unique human-friendly task ids to refer to or tie source control to as previously mentioned by other users.