Display Task ID on Asana Board

hey guys,
Is team asana even planning on this feature ?
we are currently paying for 10 members in asana…and this is the only thing which is stopping us from releasing project management to rest of the business of 35

The other issue here is you can’t search against the ID number. You can get it from the URL, but when you search Asana for the number you get no results.

new to Asana, but I’m kinda shocked there is no universal unique identifier for each “item” or whatever you call them that is simply exposed on all platforms, without having to look at the URL. This seems so obvious to me? With hundreds or thousands of items trying to remember the text string someone used for in the description to then search for a card is absurd.

Hi guys,

would it be of help to automatically transfer the Asana GID to a custom field just after the task was created? Please let me know :slight_smile:


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Yes, that would be a decent stopgap, as long as it’s searchable too. It would be nice if the ID we’renet a huge number, but its’ better than nothing.


For anyone interested in a third party solution to this, please check out our solution here: http://bit.ly/2yiDzxp. We allow a number to be added to a custom field, or add it to the beginning of the name of the task. You can also configure the starting value, length, padding, etc.

Send me a PM if you need any help or have more questions.

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Oh, tight. Thanks!