Search Task with task ID


Not long ago it was possible to find a Task on the autocomplete using the ID extracted from the url.
for example: 336155750439270
This way I was sure I get the right Task and not one similar or with the same.

This helps because coping the entire url means that the site has to load the framework and it always take some seconds. This ways you just find you task in the autocomplete and get to it with one click.

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Display Task ID on Asana Board

Hi @Santino - you should still be able to search for a task by the task ID found in the url. While it might not necessarily pop up in autocomplete, it will still be viewable if you click “search” or press "enter’ on your keyboard. Are you unable to do this?


I get the “Hmm… nothing matches your search.” layout.


Turns out this isn’t a bug! When you use advanced search to find a Task ID, it is normal to get the error message you see. However, you CAN search for Task ID using a normal search. Just enter the task ID in the search bar and let the results pre-populate (make sure not to add a space after the Task ID). The task should appear like so:


Hi Alexis, this is a feature that you guys really need to address and should be easy to implement. It makes working with Asana very difficult and is a major pain point. I don’t know who your PM is, but this feature should really be at the top of your list.


Just joined Asana and I find it really useful. But I have been working with GitLab and Jira for years and these two products make it very easy to reference tasks and projects - especially Jira is very good at it.

One extremely important use case for me is to be able to reference tasks in Git commits.

The current solution makes it pretty hard with task numbers being so long and meaningless.

Please consider this high priority.



I see that in the My Tasks URL, but can’t see it in any project work for things like search and sort. Unique task ID as a referenceable field would be useful. Or having the ability to create custom fields that have unique ID and auto increment.


A major problem in using the Task ID from the URL is that it’s not searchable from within Asana.

What good is a Task ID if you can’t search for and find it from within the application itself?

Am I missing something?


completely agree, the task numbers are really long and then you cannot search on them so even if i reference them anywhere I have no way of finding them or referring them. pretty big gap in my opinion.


This thread should probably be split with latest messages moved to Product Feedback (or existing thread) isn’t it?
cc @Alexis


Agree 100% without this feature Asana feels useless!


Hello Alex,

any updates on this issue? I mean the possibility to search by task ID, it doesn’t work.


No new information at this time. Feel free to vote on the topic!


Has this feature been removed? I tried it be selecting a task, and then copying the last part of the url before the ? Thus in the url: I take it that the task ID is 504737738423024. Correct? Then I pasted this into the search bar at the top of the page and pressed space. I get no hits.

I find this really silly. You have gotten push back for the task IDs a lot. That is the one complaint I see all over the place. We need a task ID that is easy to communicate also via voice. The URL or a huge number just is not good enough. Making it so hard to use it to find a task makes it even worse.


Hi @Ritzau,
It does look like this functionality has been removed. I will confirm with the team whether or not this was the intended outcome. Thanks so much for your feedback.


To confirm, yes this feature was deprecated (removed) from Asana. So, let’s keep this product feedback thread up and folks can feel free to vote for it.


Please create some custom field with autonumeric functions… i thinks that for QA/DEV teams this is one of most needed functions for add comments by task ID


@Alexis we got it working again by typing the ID in the search bar and pressing enter. It doesn’t show up in the type ahead, but in the search results.


@Alexis is there any updates to this topic? Task ID is really important for us to track tasks from the search bar. Thanks.


Hi Alexis,

Searchable Task ID is essential, it’s a serious limitation that this functionality isn’t available