Disable Asana marketing shown upon form submission

We would like the ability to disable the Asana marketing message, “Start managing your own projects on Asana today” upon form submission. This is a major concern for our team since all our Asana forms are public-facing. This advertising should be optional for those paying for the business plan.



Can you please provide a screenshot if this? I haven’t seen this message before and I am curious if this is the default submission messages for your organization, that can be changed in the settings tab in forms.


Hello Christine,
This marketing message is shown to those who are not logged into Asana upon form submission (see attached). Users who are logged into Asana are shown a message that says “Go to task”. You can read more about this in the following Asana forum topic:

form submission message


Thank you for the screen shot, I’m always logged into Asana which explains why I’ve never seen it before.

In addition to the the forms and confirmation pages - the confirmation email is even worse.

The problem is your branding dominates ours and is confusing to our customers and prospects. You don’t even present our logo cleanly when you do attempt to show it. See the attachments.

A customer or prospect does not need to go to the task - the button needs to be removed from the confirmation page.


As enterprise customer - forms, confirmation pages and associated emails, etc. should only include our branding and should not a promotional platform for asana.


I agree @Tom_Rauscher
We decided not to use the form’s standard email field in order to prevent the Asana confirmation email from being sent. Instead, we use a “Single line text” field and name it “Email Address”.

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Thank you for the suggestion @Amanda_Davis. I have just done the same thing on our forms.

This will help while we work to remove the asana forms we implemented on our site and in our products and transition back to active campaign forms.

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FYI you can use the Forms Support feature of our Flowsana integration to send a fully-customized confirmation email to the form submitter.

It’s sort of the sub-issue here but my team is really hoping we can remove the “go to task” button from form submissions. People in our broader organization submit forms to trigger a process internal to our small team. Unfortunately, form submitters are now able to jump into the tasks and are getting involved in what should be an internal process. It’s creating a “too many cooks in the kitchen, watching how the sausage gets made” issue, even though we tried to edit the forms directly to disable this feature.

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Unfortunately, we ended up having to remove all our Asana forms. We replaced them with Gravity Forms and used Zapier and Flowsana to create Asana tasks. There is no Asana branding, there is captcha for security, and the notification emails (and forms) are highly customizable. I wish we could have done this through Asana.


Hi Caroline, I was wondering about your scenario becoming a reality for our company. Were you able to prevent people from interfering with your task flow e.g by making the project private and not adding them to the project , or in other ways?

Hi Asana,
Our company would like to still vote for this topic so that we do not have to get Zapier (as suggested in the flagged solution). I have voted and I think 25 votes means that there is some interest in this feature.
Removing Asana marketing would help us use the forms externally, even if there is no ability to additionally add our logo to the confirmation email.
I also agree that the form submitter should not automatically see ‘Go to task’ button. Thank you

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Hi Regina! Unfortunately, we did not resolve it. We’re just lucky that people don’t click the link to “go to task” more often. I agree, I would love Asana to remove that button.

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