Option to hide the "Go to task" button after filling out forms

I am currently working on processing the request with the forms.
I have successfully entered the required information in the form and created the task (which will be processed later according to the rules).
The functioning itself is, well, not a problem.


  1. For Asana users,
  • After registering with the form, the “Move to Task” button will be displayed.
  1. For people who do not use Asana,
  • The invitation button for Asana will be displayed.
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Hi @Ka_Nishiyama, thank you for the request.

I slightly updated the title to clarify this is product feedback.

Attaching the English UI for reference.

Screenshot 2023-11-09 at 18.09.18

There needs to be a way of turning off the marketing or the “Go To Task” button. Glad I noticed this while only making a couple forms. ASANA, you’re literally pushing people to other softwares by having that branding or that button. Why would the Form SUBMITTER ever really need to go straight to the task anyway? Poorly thought out flow here I feel.