Allow to cutomize the Form Submission Page

Enhancement request for the form post submission page.
Please give form owners the ability to customize this page rather than having it direct users to try Asana for free.
Benefit: This change would give form/project owners the ability to control the submission experience/process after a form has been submitted.

Hi @Sam_Traxler and thank you so much for sharing this great feedback with us! I’ve slightly edited your title to better reflect your feedback and to make this thread more discoverable for other users; hope you don’t mind :slight_smile:

I very much would like to see this implemented. I’d like to use Asana forms as an application for internships, but the submission message isn’t relative to an application at all.

And I totally understand Asana wanting to increase awareness of their product, but it’s a little icky to utilize forms on higher-tier subscriptions to do so. Feels like this should be white labeled or at least toned-down with a simple “Powered by Asana. Try Asana for free” for Business and Enterprise users.

We are really in need of this, especially from a branding perspective. It doesn’t align with our branding and while I understand the need to promote Asana, if we are paying for the platform at the Enterprise level, we need a way to follow-through with our branding from end-to-end. Thank you.

Hi everyone!

I’m excited to announce we’ve started rolling out the ability to update the default confirmation message that displays after a form is submitted. This ensures that submitters know that they’re in the right place and completing forms for the right company.

You can find more details and screenshots in our recent announcement here:

Thanks @Sam_Traxler for requesting this feature initially! :clap:

We’re rolling out this update gradually, so don’t worry if you can’t access this feature just yet, it will be available to everyone within the next couple of days/weeks!

I hope you’ll enjoy the new features! Let me know if you have any questions or feedback! :slight_smile:

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