Different colors for milestones on Timeline View

We are exploring use of milestone tasks on timeline view. The project is a high level multi-project overview that brings in Milestones from other projects. We are liking the functionality of milestones in this use case but would love to have a UI feature change in timeline view.

  • Ideally there would be an option to turn off the vertical lines that are created by each milestone. The view in this use case is far too busy with those lines.

  • Option to leverage a dropdown field to color code the milestones in a similar manner that you can color code standard tasks on Timeline View.

Hi @Dustin_Cutsforth and thanks for taking the time to share this great feedback with us! Milestones are still very new and our team looks forward to hearing your feedback to help them iterate Milestones in the future - so thanks for sharing yours with us, we really appreciate it!

Hi Dustin,
Particularly +1 for colour coding milestones in the same way that other tasks are color-coded. Milestones are after all just a type of task. If this was to be implemented, i think it would make sense to fill the diamond with the color, to make it easier to see.


+1 for color coding,
Filling the diamond or changing the background color of the entire task (in board view) for visual cues.

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+1 for the ability to color code milestones

  • 1 for color coding of milestones

Adding to the convo that color coding of milestones is needed

+1 need this! milestones are diverse, would be nice to at least be able to keep them the same color as the ‘type’ we add below in the lanes to keep things clear/consistent.