Customizing timeline colors + Progress bar


The colors in the timeline are really not good and not professional.
Could you give the possibility to customize each color?
Something like that would look like so much nicer.

Second proposal: add possibility to record a progress % showed in the timeline (a line inside the bar for instance)

Hi @2021, welcome to the Asana Community Forum and thanks for sharing your feedback with us! You can currently choose what colors to see in your Timeline view. I recommend you checking this thread with some tips: 🎨 Pick the right color scheme in Timeline

In regards to the progress % in Timeline view, you can support this feature by adding your in this thread: Progress bar in timeline view

Hi Emily

Tks for your feedback.

Your comment on colors does not answer my question. I know I can change the timeline colors of each item.
The product feedback is to give the possibility to customize each 16 colors used in Asana.

Should I republish it in “Product feedback” ?

Thanks for getting back to me, @2021! We already have a thread requesting the option to have custom colors or hex colors in Asana (this includes Timeline, Calendar and other views), you can add your vote here:

Yes! Tks for mentionning it.

I posted in the other threads. Feel free to delete this one if you prefer.

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