Timeline View: Vertical Colored Lines?

I’m not finding any other sources on this and the Timeline View Guide by Asana does not mention it.

When on timeline view, periodically I see vertical lines that are colored. I am curious as to what these might indicate? (Screenshot attached.) Also is there an actual name for these? How do they work?

The blue line of course indicates the current date. However, what about the red and green?

Screen Shot 2023-01-11 at 4.28.31 PM

Hi @Dylan_Lyle

The vertical colored lines in a timeline view indicate the due date of a task or project. Tasks and projects that have a due date assigned to them will have a colored line that corresponds to the date they are due on the timeline.

Red indicates that a task is overdue and green indicates Milestone tasks only.

Hey Mike, thanks for that insight! I think you are mostly correct - after taking your context and looking again at my project, it appears that the vertical red and green lines specifically apply to Milestone tasks only.

Got it. Thanks for clarifying!

I’ll edit my post so no one gets confused

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