Task colors not showing in Timeline view

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Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: When viewing a project in Timeline view, I no longer see colors on tasks that are in separate sections.

Steps to reproduce: Toggling to timeline view (selecting Asana default or sections instead of “no color”

Browser version: Chrome

What version of Asana are you using (Basic/Premium/Business/Enterprise)? Business

Upload screenshots below:

Welcome, @Sami_Griffin,

Gantt view, but not Timeline view, shows colors for tasks in different sections, so this is expected.

If tasks have a value for your “GO Department,” and those option values in your custom field are defined with colors, those colors should appear. (I tested and this is working for me.)

So is it possible this is not actually a bug?



Thanks, Larry! Maybe things changed a little? When using “Asana default” in the past, it automatically assigned colors to the tasks.

I’m not sure if anything has changed. Perhaps @Vanessa_N might be able to weigh in.

I think “Asana default” uses the project color, but not 100% sure and the help article is vague about that.

Thanks for tagging me, @lpb! I’ve consulted our team, and they have confirmed that nothing has changed recently when it comes to color coding in timeline view: if you’re using the Asana Default setting, your timeline will be colored in alignment with the oldest project it belongs to. If the task doesn’t belong to a project, it will use your custom field or tag colors.

I’ve tested this on my end as well, and the all the color options are working as expected, so this is very odd.

@Sami_Griffin , Can you reach out to our Support team so they can dig into this further? I’d recommend sending the following information in your request:

  • An example of a task shown in your timeline (URL and screenshot showing its fields in list view)
  • The project URL
  • If possible, a screencast of the issue.

With this information, they will be able to look into the tasks fields and understand why they are not color coded in timeline view.

I hope this helps!

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