Designate Task Creator as Project Owner after Converting Task to Project

How can a TASK CREATOR be auto-designated as the PROJECT OWNER when a TASK is CONVERTED to a PROJECT?

Situation: I have created a project to serve as a landing page / tracker for new projects. Within the “landing page project”, I have created a form as the intake/registration tool that gathers project data from the submitter/project owner.

The form creates a “task” from the projects submitted. A member of our PMO will be “assigned” to the task in this landing page for triage purposes. I have a rule to immediately convert the task to a project and send it to a designated portfolio. This is necessary so the submitter/project owner can immediately access the project while PMO is performing admin triage.

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@anon96449303, Are you aware that when you convert a task to a project, the task assignee will become the project owner?

So you could perhaps make that change manually or, if on Business or Enterprise, you can do that with a rule action:

If you need to set the assignee of the task back, there might be a way to automate that too.



Thanks Larry. Yes I made the connection of the task assignee becoming the project owner when task is converted to project. I was hoping to easily designate the task creator as project owner.

I will do some further testing…I’ll need to figure out the order/timing of the rules. I think the issue is getting a rule to run after the task has been converted to a project because it closes the task. I have not found a way to automatically reopen the task. It would be nice to have the option to choose whether or not a task is closed or remains upon converting to a project.

In this case, we need the task converted to a project and the task creator (form submitter) assigned as the project owner as soon as the form is submitted so they have immediate access to their project and don’t have to wait on the PMO to take an action.

This is a new governance process for us, so it might be that the “landing page project” remains just that and we have those converted projects added to a portfolio which becomes our PMO tracker and triage vehicle. In this case, we would manage triage/workflow status via custom fields in that portfolio because we don’t want to add that info to the project itself.

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Did you try a rule with two actions: assigns the creator as assignee and converts the task to project? If that doesn’t work, a Do/Action single-select dropdown is helpful to initiate steps sequentially to avoid timing issues, or doing that with sections with a rule in each section can stagger the timing as desired.

I was just working with a client on a similar process involving a rule to convert a task to a project from a template.

I noticed it doesn’t honor the portfolio(s) designation in the project template but the rule offers a field to specify the portfolio so we now the portfolio in two places.

For anything that can’t be automated, we put a task in the template with clear instructions for the steps to be carried out, for example, clicking the “Reopen” button in the closed, converted task, and multi-homing that task into the new project to include the record of form submission there.

Hope some of that might help,


Thanks Larry. Further testing seems to indicate a rule cannot be run after a task has been converted to a project. Asana “closes” that task and seems it must be reopened manually.

I will circle back with my team and we’ll likely determine the most important items to automate and deal with the actions manually.

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