New team member taking over project tasks

Hi there,

I had have a number of different projects within my agency team - within each project are admin tasks that I had created and assigned to another member to do, but recently I have hired a manager to fill my role and oversee these types of things so it can be taken off my plate.

How do I transfer the ownership of those created tasks so the assigned employee will report to the new hire and not me? I have read and changed the ownership in the project for the new manager hire as a project owner, but I still notice I am getting the notification in my inbox for these completed tasks?

Is this the correct solution? What is the actual purpose of changing the role status for this new employee to project owner if I am still getting everything?

Thanks in advance for any clarity and guidance.

Hi @Steve_Walters welcome to the forum!

Are you set as a collaborator to the tasks when the tasks are created or are these tasks you created and someone is taking the ownership over? If you are, I would suggest using the bulk-edit feature to remove yourself as a collaborator, and add the replacement as the collaborator on the task. Any time you are a task creator you are automatically added as the collaborator.

If you are still going to be creating these tasks in this project I would suggest creating a rule that anytime a task is created in this specific project that you are removed as the collaborator and the new hire would be added so that you don’t have to manually do this each time.

Hi Steve,
If you have reassigned, it may be that you are still a collaborator on the tasks hence getting the notifications. You can go in and remove yourself manually or change your notification settings to stop received completion notifications you are a task collaborator on.

Thank you to you both for your help.

@Christine_Bolton to answer your question - these are tasks I had created (they are mostly admin tasks that are re-occurring) and the new hire will take ownership over them.

I will remove myself as a collaborator so I don’t get the inbox notifications. But can you explain to me the difference on the project owner role within the overview tab? I made the new hire the project owner in all projects, but maybe I should take that status back and simply ensure he’s on the tasks as a collaborator?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Steve_Walters

The project owner is the person who created the project by default. In the project overview you can make 2 “Project Owner” changes.

  1. Just changing the name “Project Owner” as a role and
  2. Removing the project owner setting and then reassigning it to someone.

Option 1 doesn’t do anything except change the name of their role.

Option 2 will show the project owner as the owner in portfolio view, will allow others to request status updates from them in the overview, will allow them to turn on a setting to be reminded to create status updates every Friday, some reporting functionality, and maybe another thing or 2 I’m overlooking – but those are the most impactful that I can think of. Other than that, project owners and editors function the same.

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