Removing Collaborator from Recurring Task

When I was in another role in my organization, I set up a BUNCH of recurring tasks associated to that role. When I transitioned to a new role, I set my replacement as collaborator and assignee on those tasks, and attempted to remove myself as a collaborator. It appears that this only removes me as a collaborator from the active task, but I remain a collaborator for the future recurrences. This is a real productivity issue, as I am constantly seeing tasks that are irrelevant to my in my feed. Any ideas for how to fully transfer ownership of these tasks?

That sounds like a bug… For me if you remove yourself from the current active task, you should not be added to any new task created as a result. @Marie @Emily_Roman are you able to reproduce that issue?

@Bastien_Siebman , did you give it a go? :wink:

I confirm it works as expected for me, I removed myself, completed the task, the next tasks did not have me as a collaborator.

Same for me!

@Emma_Anderson, can you confirm you are removing yourself from the active task before marking it complete?

Hi Marie - No, I think that must be the issue. I was removing myself from the tasks each time I saw my colleague completed them. I just went in and removed myself from the active tasks, so I will see if that helps. Thank you!

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Gotcha, the currently active task is the new reference of any upcoming active task :+1: