Deprovisioned users keep reappearing



My company is currently on a 30-day trial for Asana Premium after using Asana Free for over a year.

When I switched over to Asana Premium, I discovered that we had many duplicate emails (many of which are aliases) for the same people and that was putting us over the 5 unit limit. I followed the instructions for deprovisioning users (, downgraded my account to 5 users (we actually only have 4 people on our team), and carried on thinking everything was fine.

THEN, this morning when I logged on to Asana, it immediately told me I was over the user limit and I needed to upgrade. I went and looked at the user list, and to my surprise all the duplicate users that I’d kicked were back! What am I doing wrong and how can I permanently remove these duplicate users?


Hey @Tyler_Schwartzl Michael from the Asana support team here.

I think I know the source of confusion here. The process for deprovisioning users is different in free Organizations than it is in premium ones. I recommend taking a look at the following link for instructions on how to remove folks from your free Organization:

Hope this helps!