Managing and deleting users

Hi there! I created my company’s Asana account. Is there a simple way to see a list of all users and delete (or “deprovision”) the users who are no longer active? Our inactive users are pushing us into a different cost/month category. Thank you!

Hi @St_John_Frizell. Just click on your name/image circle in the upper right corner. Scroll down to the Admin Console. If you have admin rights (you should if you initiated the account), you can see all of the members and details. The admin can modify these as fit.

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There it is! Don’t know how I missed that before. Thank you so much!

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Hi there, I am evaluating ASANA and I cannot delete users, actually, as admin I only can upgrade to PREMIUM.
Do you have a workaround ?

Hi @Roberto_Alabiso. If you access the admin console (see link in above post with directions), even with the free account you should be able to remove users. See this link for details: