Deleting team member from free version

Can anyone help with info on how to delete a team member from the free version? I have found info on how to do this in the paid version but not the free one.

Hi @Jenny_Brearley, welcome to the Community Forum!

You can remove a team member by following these steps.

However, if you wish to completely remove a member from a free Organization:

  1. Hover over the Team name in the sidebar
  2. Click the gear icon
  3. Select Edit Team Settings
  4. Navigate to the Members tab
  5. Hover over the relevant name and email address
  6. Select Remove (this button will also show as Cancel Invite if the user hasn’t accepted 1. their invitation yet)
  7. Select Remove Access to remove them from the Tea
  8. Click Deprovision to remove them from the Organization

Please find more details in this article.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions!

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Thanks, Emily. Unfortunately I don’t have a gear icon in the sidebar when I hover over the team name. I only have … which only offers option to do with deleting, archiving or duplicating the project.

I finally worked this out and am putting info here in case anyone else needs to know.

  1. clicked on my photo in top right-hand corner of page.
  2. selected ‘Workspace Settings’.
  3. clicked on Members tab
  4. clicked on Remove beside each team member that I wanted to remove.
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Thanks for sharing this information, @Jenny_Brearley! It looks like you were trying to remove a member from a Workspace and the steps I sent are to remove a member from a Team in a free Organization. Apologies for any confusion!

Please find more information about your Workspace Settings in this article.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Have a great day!

Hi! I too am trying to remove a member from a workspace…(I think) but neither of these methods are working. I am the owner of my project, but seem to have limited access. If that’s even a thing. :thinking:

Hey Angeles, Im sure you have probably found the answer but just in case you didn’t or someone else needs it here are the steps

To remove someone from a Workspace
Go to your own profile icon in the top right and select Admin Console
Then from the 3 dots to the far right of the person you want to remove select Remove.

A free Asana account does not have an Admin Console I believe…