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This may be an isolated issue but thought I’d take my shot.

I am a student association working within an educational institution. Our SA works independly from the college but we pay the IT department to use the same domain ( or as the college. Ive recently applied for the not-for-profit program as a workspace but would like to be able to add guest to my projects but cant because I would need to convert my workspace to an organization. THat being said, if I convert to an organization, that means everyone in the college could access my organization? I’m afraid of doing the conversion because I am not sure what to expect on the other side.

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Hi Alain,

My situation isn’t exactly the same, but is similar. I manage Asana for a department that uses it within a larger organisation that doesn’t.

We managed this by creating Teams within the Organisation that are private to members of my department - so anyone from the organisation can access the Asana Organisation, but they won’t be able to see my department’s projects, tasks, comments etc because they don’t have permissions to access those Teams.

I hope that helps!

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