Creating an organization using .edu emails



Looking to create an organization for a department in our university. Asana currently doesn’t allow .edu email addresses to create workspaces. How can I work around this?


Hi Ben! Happy to help get your question answered. I’m not familiar with our .edu policies so I’ll gather info and get back to you!


Hey @Ben_Hoggan!

I’m glad you wrote in about this as we get this question quite often. We typically have concerns about converting Workspaces into Organizations using email domains that end in .edu, seeing as how the .edu denotes the use of this domain by an educational institution. Allow me to explain…

We caution against the creation of an Organization because in addition to members of your school’s administration and teaching staff, any student with an email provided by your school that ends in the same account will be able to potentially join your shared Organization space and potentially compromise any information in projects that aren’t secured in private, hidden or invite only Projects & Teams. Additionally, unless there is a subdomain in place, the conversion of .edu emails could result in the overnight access of potentially thousands of folks into your Org space if folks have signed up with Asana using their school email. This is because Org membership is defined by the use of your Org’s registered email domain during the conversion process.

Would it possible to have your IT department create an email subdomain that could help limit who has access to your Organization if set up? The creation of a for example, that only staff members are issued, to ensure that only those with this email will be able to register & join your Org space. If this is possible, then definitely reach out to our User Operations team via & we’d be happy to provide instructions for how move forward & get your space converted. Additionally, we’ll be able to let you know how many folks will immediately gain access to your space if we converted your Org with that email, based on how many folks already have Asana accounts registered with that email domain.

That said, unless this is possible, due to security concerns, you’re right, we won’t be able to convert your Workspace into an Organization. Rather, we recommend that departments/Teams continue to use separate Workspaces until we are able to come up with a better solution for this. This way you are able to directly control who gets invited into your Workspace and thus has access to the oft-sensitive information stored by Universities in Asana.

Hope this clarifies things a bit more!

Let us know if you have any questions; we’re happy to help!


I am a new user at a University and was looking to upgrade and not sure about workspaces or organisations. Your post was very helpful for me!