I use another custom field where I track the progress in %, if done completely it is 100%.
Of course you can also use sub-tasks for your KR, but many people found it better to use Custom Fields.



So they are duplicates? When one is completed does the assignee have to check both matching tasks?

@Sebastian_Paasch This is a fantastic, and easy to implement, structure for setting up and tracking our OKRs in Asana. Just what I was looking for — thanks!

I’ll need to re-read the post a few times to squeeze all the ideas and value out of it, but I think your comments hit on the major reasons it’ll work for our use case. We are new to the OKR framework and currently just piloting it within our Digital Team. Similarly, Asana usage started as a bit of a skunkworks at our organization, but now has serious (leadership) momentum behind it now and we’re ramping up the plans to expand it across the company.

While OKRs will be a little behind that process (whether or not they ever become org-wide), I love the points you’ve made here around simplifying the tool-stack and ensuring that above all, the transparency remains a top priority. That’s the whole point of OKRs — ensuring others are aware of where your energy and focus is, as well as driving accountability.

I love this kind of crowd-sourcing to help one another realize the potential of such an open-end platform as Asana, before doubling down on 3rd party integrations and increasing the complexity of your team’s workflow. That is a good pitfall to be mindful of for exactly the reasons you’ve stated here.

Well done.


Thankfully no. And I did notice that @Sebastian_Paasch’s original post glossed over this unique and powerful Asana feature, which I have been using for a while.

Basically, within one project it’s possible to list a single task as both a task in the highest-level project list… and a subtask of another task in that list. I’ve made a quick screencast to show this in action:


@pbiolsi Thank you. I’ve actually used that feature to share tasks across projects but never thought to share a task within a project. Very helpful!


@Sebastian_Paasch Ok I just set everything up Asana and I’m ready to dominate! HOWEVER, now I’ve come to the part about reporting or direct measuring of KR’s (like Google’s 0-1 scale w/ one decimal place) and I’m realizing if I use the “% Progress” custom field like you have then I can’t see it on the dashboard or any reports, correct? :frowning:

Do you have any ideas for me as to how I might, using this OKR model, get quantitative reporting on progression of KR’s and Objectives?

@pbiolsi would love to now you’re thoughts as well on this! :slight_smile:

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@Eyal_Ronel Would love to see how/if DoMetrix plays into the OKR framework?

Hi Sam,

Thanks for your feedback and questions.

You do not see it in the Asana dashboard that is correct, but with data stored in Custom Fields you can do everything you want. You can export it to a spreadsheet and build charts on the data there. Moreover, I am sure there are reporting plugins which can use Custom Field data and create charts automatically, if not yet, you could send a message to the reporting plug in developer of your choice like @Eyal_Ronel and perhaps they can integrate it in their dashboards.



Thanks for tagging my @Sebastian_Paasch :wink:
I would be happy to follow up with you about what Itai and I have been up to. I’ll email you soon!

@Sam_Leahey and I have previously discussed a few topics regarding better reporting as part of what I’m working on. We’ll be announcing something new very soon. stay tuned :slight_smile:


Thanks a LOT @Sebastian_Paasch
This post was amazing and very interesting, as it hits one of the spots which are more challenging for a team: keeping track of actions and results!


@Sebastian_Paasch! Ok I only have one last harassment for you :slight_smile: What’s your Reporting like for your method??

I was totally sold on your method and even got it setup and everything, BUT, I felt super “stuck” when I got to the reporting/learning phase so now I’m strongly considering another method or doing it but before “throwing the baby out with the bath water” I just want to make sure I don’t miss out on epic stuff if indeed your have an epic reporting feature with the way we’ve set it up here?


I am struggling with this as well. Any objective should have 1-4 Key Results attached. I understand that you can add both Text KR’s as well as numerical. However, what I’m struggling with is the [KR-Progress in %]; should that be for each individual KR? Or is that for the Objective as a whole?

This is fantastic. Thank you for this detail how to. One question, where do we put Key Actions?

This is very helpful. Do you also employ a rating/grading of OKRs at the end of the quarter? @Sebastian_Paasch

Great work @Sebastian_Paasch!

FWIW for people who have Asana Business (and thus access to Portfolios) I’ve made a little video of (yet another) alternative way of structuring company planning/goals in Asana (OKR method or not) that works well and gives quite a high degree of visibility and “connectedness”:


Thanks, @Daniel_Iversen, nice video!

Those on this thread may be interested in yet another approach which:

  • Does not require Business (just Premium)
  • includes an integrated Timeline view (not available with Portfolios currently)
  • Is still all native Asana (doesn’t require any third-party app)

OKR Tracking in Asana Use Cases

I spent time a few months ago designing a quite powerful and very flexible solution for my clients to handle either OKRs or Goals/KPIs (and initiatives generally), that is quick to implement and maintain weekly or monthly, and works company-wide with roll-ups at the company- and department-levels. An optional third tier, sub-department-level, is optionally available too. Unlike Portfolios which requires the Business tier, this solution only requires Premium, and it even offers a key feature–int…


Hello, Sebastian, great post!
By the way, how progress in updated?

[quote=“Sebastian_Paasch, post:1, topic:4539”]
Moreover, I have a special custom field for Key Results which might apply for many objectives like Revenue/month . Last but not least I have a custom field to track the progress in % . This field is also used to assess the success in the end of the time period and to say how much bonus is paid or much champagne will be bought :slight_smile: OF course you can add more details about the process of the objective in the comment section.

Just seen this thread - Assume this is now replaced by Goals?