What Is Everyone Else Using for OKR Software Integrations?

Howdy Fellow Asana Users!

We’ve talked about the OKR framework in the past but it’s been a little bit of time so I’m just wondering, specifically in terms of Integrations, what other software’s people are using out there??? I found this website comparing a bunch of leading SaaS companies in the OKR realm - http://okrsoftware.com/

Seems like only WeekDone, BetterWorks, and 7Geese have/will have good Asana integrations by end of 2017? Is anyway using any of these integrations currently??? How’s it going if so?



It seems your team needs good management - something I had experience with in the past. I think you should establish good connections between the members of the team by reorganizing their work. You may try different software, there is one great option for enteros/solutions, it’s good for both proper data processing and establishing a working pipeline for the team. Functionality and flexibility are important now, but it’s also stable and can be used in one’s discretion.