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So we’re a small business startup in Silicon Valley (Redwood City) attempting to use Asana for our Task Management purposes (I just got everything setup with a Free account) HOWEVER I’m noticing a lack of ways to use Asana as an OKR platform! :frowning:

I checked out this article - and come to find out there are some massively important OKR features that Asana is lacking which seem to be the only thing holding me back from getting the Premium version. Attached a screen shot of those features needed! :frowning:

How is everyone else here overcoming these shortcomings and does anyone have any suggestions??? :slight_smile:

With Hope,
Coach Sam

Gamification… you can consider the “Heart” feature in Asana as gamification.

Goal Management - how is that different than Goal Setting / Tracking Asana has Project Status and Dashboard which could be reasonably assume to be Goal Management.

Milestone Tracking easily done with Sections or custom fields or even as a project

Operational Risk ? What is that…

Could you provide some more specifics on how Asana is failing to work for you? That comparison, at least the portions you are showing, are mostly subjective.

No published pricing for BetterWorks, what is the cost for a 10 person team per year to use it?


FINALLY some answers! I emailed them but they just told me to go figure it out on the forum. Ok so basically you’re saying this stuff already exists in Asana. Awesome!!! The only last issue then is, as you asked, are the specifics. I’m looking through the BetterWorks videos and this is also specifically what I want to do in Asana:

Aligning Everyone’s Objectives/Projects:
Aligning Objectives ( I LOVE this “big picture” view so everyone in the business can VISUALIZE the “inter-connectedness” of all our projects (#GroupThink) and be even more motivated to dominate silicon valley! :slight_smile:

The have a little blurb about it here - Continuous Performance Management Resources | Betterworks

Employee Feedback/Reviews:
I want to use Asana for employee reviews (objective and subjective). There’s a little blurb on BetterWorks site about they do this - Continuous Performance Management Resources | Betterworks. How can I (if at all?) do this in Asana and does it require Premium or can I do it with just the free version that I have now?


Asana does not have anything like that overview. That said their setup is more streamlined and simple, which may not be right for everyone or every use case.

What is the yearly cost for a 10 user setup on the BW site?

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I have no idea what their cost is as my business is a 4 man show so didn’t look for that. All that caught my attention from BetterWorks was these things I mentioned here.

Ok so basically Asana can dominate BetterWorks in everything accept Aligning Objectives/Projects/Goals. With that known I guess I’m upgrading to Asana Premium and just hope they offer that visualization/linking ability soon!!! I’ll keep harassing them about it :wink:


Hey Sam,

Thanks for writing in! Asana, and a number of our largest customers, run OKRs in Asana. The great thing about Asana for OKRs is that you can tie your actual daily work (tasks) in to bigger picture (OKRs) across projects, across teams. Asana, of course, can also be used for a variety of other use cases beyond just OKR tracking.

We have a great customer webinar series where Asana customers showcase ways they are leveraging Asana. Here’s how Springest runs OKRs on Asana, as well as their GTD framework: Springest uses Asana for GTD & productivity | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

  • “In order to set strategy and provide their team with a sense of purpose, Springest uses the Objective and Key Results (OKRs) framework. OKRs are typically organized into Projects where the Objectives are the tasks, the Key Results are the subtasks, and the comments section of a task, are used to grade each OKR.”

We also have a case study from our guide on how Pantheon runs it’s strategic planning in Asana:

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Ok so Kramer so I just watched the entire video and this is definitely a huge step in the right direction!!! I can work with this for now but obviously a superior option would be the visual I posted the screen of from BetterWorks where you can see directly the aligning of all projects that are interconnected with %'s or other metrics in some kind of branch tree visual like they have.

Thanks a ton I’m looking forward to upgrading to Premium now and getting everything setup!!!