Thanks a LOT @Sebastian_Paasch
This post was amazing and very interesting, as it hits one of the spots which are more challenging for a team: keeping track of actions and results!


@Sebastian_Paasch! Ok I only have one last harassment for you :slight_smile: What’s your Reporting like for your method??

I was totally sold on your method and even got it setup and everything, BUT, I felt super “stuck” when I got to the reporting/learning phase so now I’m strongly considering another method or doing it but before “throwing the baby out with the bath water” I just want to make sure I don’t miss out on epic stuff if indeed your have an epic reporting feature with the way we’ve set it up here?


I am struggling with this as well. Any objective should have 1-4 Key Results attached. I understand that you can add both Text KR’s as well as numerical. However, what I’m struggling with is the [KR-Progress in %]; should that be for each individual KR? Or is that for the Objective as a whole?

This is fantastic. Thank you for this detail how to. One question, where do we put Key Actions?

This is very helpful. Do you also employ a rating/grading of OKRs at the end of the quarter? @Sebastian_Paasch

Great work @Sebastian_Paasch!

FWIW for people who have Asana Business (and thus access to Portfolios) I’ve made a little video of (yet another) alternative way of structuring company planning/goals in Asana (OKR method or not) that works well and gives quite a high degree of visibility and “connectedness”:


Thanks, @Daniel_Iversen, nice video!

Those on this thread may be interested in yet another approach which:

  • Does not require Business (just Premium)
  • includes an integrated Timeline view (not available with Portfolios currently)
  • Is still all native Asana (doesn’t require any third-party app)

OKR Tracking in Asana Use Cases

I spent time a few months ago designing a quite powerful and very flexible solution for my clients to handle either OKRs or Goals/KPIs (and initiatives generally), that is quick to implement and maintain weekly or monthly, and works company-wide with roll-ups at the company- and department-levels. An optional third tier, sub-department-level, is optionally available too. Unlike Portfolios which requires the Business tier, this solution only requires Premium, and it even offers a key feature–int…


Hello, Sebastian, great post!
By the way, how progress in updated?

[quote=“Sebastian_Paasch, post:1, topic:4539”]
Moreover, I have a special custom field for Key Results which might apply for many objectives like Revenue/month . Last but not least I have a custom field to track the progress in % . This field is also used to assess the success in the end of the time period and to say how much bonus is paid or much champagne will be bought :slight_smile: OF course you can add more details about the process of the objective in the comment section.

Just seen this thread - Assume this is now replaced by Goals?