Default layout saves open lists of sub-tasks

That’s indeed a really odd behavior, I don’t really understand why they wouldn’t do it, technically or from a product stand point. Anyway, let’s wait and see!

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Please add this in guys! It’s been over a year now :slight_smile:

I am going to stop using Asana if you will not add default layout that saves open lists of sub-tasks.


Looking for this feature as well - would be incredibly helpful to keep track of our printing projects and people are missing it if they don’t expand the tasks

Just adding my voice to the desire to have sub-tasks visible. It seems like a very odd decision to not have a default option for exposing these. It’s pretty annoying.

Adding my voice too. This would be a veeeery welcomed change.

Continuing to add to this thread as i’ve been bugged by this in the past. Especially when a time cost is added to a subtask but you cannot see it, or the main task doesnt auto sum the cost of the subtasks. Having to constantly expand to see where the time cost for the week is coming from is infuriating and like others in this thread have had to adapt their way of using asana to work around this issue

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Yes, please add this feature. It is VERY irritating having to expand EACH task one by one, just to have it reset upon refresh. I don’t know how many upvotes you all need before you seriously consider the change, but someone said this thread combined with others equals 100’s of upvotes.

It seems like such a simple feature, since you already have given us Save layout as default. Expanded tasks should be considered a Layout. It would be very helpful to either:

  • Save Layout as default
  • or at least Show all subtasks with one button click at the top of each Section (not the best, but better)

I love Asana, but not having this is NOT conducive to productivity and that is why you all help us to begin with.

Adding my support to this request to have sub-tasks remember if they are expanded in a project/list/board/layout/etc.

As a new business trial user this is already getting annoying and I am only a couple days in…

Even if a single task remembered if it’s sub-tasks were to be expanded or not I would be happy with.

+1 any updates on this

Also adding my support. Would love to be able to save layout withSubtasks expanded or choose a default to always expand subtasks!

another +1 here. This would be majorly helpful for our team.

+1 - Would like to see this in kanban view.

Same as others - just adding my vote for this feature! Would be incredibly helpful when utilizing custom fields. We currently have rules in place to assign field settings when a task is added to a project, but you can’t set that up for subtasks, so I have to manually go in and update them. If I were able to view all of them in expanded form, I could easily select all and update them, but going through and expanding one by one is a huge time-waster.

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+1 it’s pretty ridiculous that this is still not a feature. Please add!

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Yeah, exactly. Please add:

  • button to expand all subtasks at once
  • saving of such expanded layout

Currently subtasks are useless …

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Not really, they are just not useful to your specific use cases. We use subtasks successfully for many of our use cases.

Adding a big ol’ +1 to this thread. We need this feature desperately.

This would solve a major deviation in workflow at my organization. +1 please!

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We’re changing how we set up our roadmap because there is no way to set subtasks as shown by default in the list view. Any updates about this, Asana folks?

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