Default assignee

@Marie - Thank you so much for your helpful response. It’s helpful to hear that it’s a resource limitation rather than a deliberate choice to decline this feature request.

It’s great to hear that there’s a step in the right direction. Thanks again for your incredible dedication to timely responses.

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And don’t forget, Premium users can still have an identical auto-assignment rule using Flowsana. :grin:


I second this request.

3 years later and this feature still has not been implemented? I was just looking for this feature and came across this thread. How many people have switched to

Just chiming in to add support for this feature.

Another vote to add this feature for all users.

Wow … i can’t believe this isn’t a thing yet.


I voted for this many years ago. It’s a complete farce that this has not been added.

Vote here! I NEED this option. Tired of having unassigned tasks that get lost. I am the only person using my account so all tasks should just automatically assign to me!!!

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unbelievable that Asana still hasn’t properly addressed this after 3 YEARS!!! this is the no.2 problem in the whole asana community by votes… why are you creating frustrated users Asana team? please fix this asap thank you.

As everyone else here, I need to have the tasks of all my projects assigned automatically to me… the only user in the account for the moment. Any tip on how to do so while Assana works for having this “as default” user option?

Hi, Peter! :blush: For me, it actually causes problems if the tasks I created will be automatically assigned to me because as you have mentioned, not all tasks I create are things I need to do. It will clutter on my Inbox and I’ll have to spend more time reassigning them or removing them. For projects and workspaces with lots of ongoing things to do, additional time in managing assignees will add to their work. But in case your suggestion will happen one day, I won’t mind adjusting to it. Those are just my two cents. :slightly_smiling_face:

Another vote for the default assignee OPTION. If you’d use it, enable it. if not, then ignore it.

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+1! Add the option to assign all new tasks to myself.

Recently started using Asana again after some time away from digital projects. I can’t believe this isn’t a default option, without upgrading to the Business plan and creating rules. Really?

What is a very simple coding task (allow or no) is ignored and/or included in an upgrade for some reason. Let’s be reasonable.

I know the minority might not like tasks assigned to them automagically, but the majority does.

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

COMPLETELY agree. One should have the option. Most of my tasks are for me too. Annoying to have to take the extra step to assign to myself.

If there’s any reason why Asana could be clunky to use, it’s definitely THIS. This is a feature request for years now. I believe this project management tool is created for efficiency, and not having the option to make tasks automatically assign to you as an individual user (and not a team) is highly inefficient. It makes it redundant having to select each task just to assign to myself. Subtasks you assign to yourself also don’t show up on the calendar. It’s hard to recommend a tool to colleagues when I can personally see the flaw from a user’s experience.

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This is crippling my ability to use the platform - adding myself to the list of 100+ who want this.

Currently we can add a Rule to a project that assigns a newly created task to a specific user (via a text box). Could I suggest (sorry if it’s already been given) to expand this functionality to change the assignee to the creator of the task? That way, it could be used only on projects where that makes sense, not across the board. Also, if people want more customization, we could allow the trigger (“Task has been created”) to also specify an optional Section to look for. If not present, all tasks on that project would be affected by the rule.


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