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+1. Migrated to a simpler but powerful competitor (Sunsama) because of small issues like this that Asana has never dealt with. Still, some teams force me to use Asana, and this is still an issue years later.

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Common guys, can we already have this? I use it only for me! :stuck_out_tongue:

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BIG +1 in fact… crank it up to +11 =)

Another big +1.

In a team of one it is an unnecessary additional step that is very easy to skip over - the result being occasionally missing daily tasks when working from the calendar view of My Tasks - this is essential - please, please add!

+1 here

Just delved into Asana to help better manage personal projects, and I find the lack of this feature quite the dealbreaker when it comes to considering the paid tiers. +1 from me.