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Adding me here. Just started using asana today and realize this is a problem for me. +2 for default assignee.

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Yes, that is super inconvenient to self assign for each task. Number one issue for managing private projects -_-

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Thanks for the tab+M shortcut! That will save time over a lot of time!

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Hey everyone! I wanted to let you know that I tweeted about this issue, and the team at Asana with the highest chances to achieve this has finally acknowledged it.

Feel free to reply to the post to share your thoughts! Anything that may help the guys at Asana to feel the urgency of the feature and make it happen as soon as possible.

Original post:


Just started using Asana, and can confirm much needed option of default assignee needed.

Why don’t you just use a rule so that every time you create a task in a project it’s auto assigned to yourself?


It will be nice if there is a default assignee for every task in a project.

That way,

  1. In a project I create for myself, I can have me at default assignee
  2. In a project where I want to delegate the work of assigning people, I can easily assign all tasks to say a team leader (who in turn can identify people and reassign them later). This will be helpful to list out the tasks without worrying about the people involved and at the same time removes the risk of tasks not being assigned to anyone.

Here’s my upvote!


100% agree. You really need to add a default assignee. Listen to your customers.

Hi folks. For anyone interested in a third party solution for this, check out what we have built. Our existing clients have been asking for us to solve this issue as well, so we’ve come up with a solution that might fill the gap until Asana releases something directly. Below is a quick animation that shows the auto assignment in action.

Default Assignment Gif

You can find out more about our solution here: There is a video that walks through our simple 3 step wizard to get this configured.

  1. Select the workspace
  2. Select a single project or all projects
  3. Specify if the tasks should be assigned to you or the creator of the task

There is a video in the link above that steps through the setup process as well. However, if you need any help, be sure to message me directly or contact us through our website.

Hence why folks are asking for it to be an option. I agree - shouldn’t be turned on always!